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Tao Welcome!
You want to learn about the Tao or you already know a lot, but you need more...Here's how to get it!
May be you know a lot about Tao, but what does it exactly mean? organized by Taoists with the purpose of providing information about Tao. allows you to read all the articles about Tao.
Want to solve your puzzle or share your opinion? Visit the Discussion Area.
We hope by visiting, You can obtain a knowledge what Tao really is.
We wish you had a great journey in,
First Visit?

What is Tao?
Where is Tao from?
Who is the Founder of Tao?
May be those questions above come directly through your mind when you visit for the first time.
As the introduction, it is hoped that these articles below can help: Destiny makes us to meet Tao, our "Wu" then takes the role, which will brings us to practice Tao successfully.
What's New

Humble Life
The mystery Tao () leads to the unlimited explanation, given over and over. Is that due to "Wu" which is always focused on us, who Xiu Dao (Siu Tao)? Every individual has different Wu from others' in its Xiu Dao / Siu Tao ( ), which often leads to the different understanding / opinion about Tao () its self. Why? .........more

 The Challenge of Life
When mountain hamper the path, cowards think it is an obstacle on their way while the braves think it is a reason to move forward. Obstacles in life cannot be shunned, only determined people can enjoy life. When an eagle learns to fly, it follows the flow of the wind. Find a danger, and turn to the other way it goes, fly higher it will .........more

 Being United in Tao
Is a word that has meaning if it is want to be learned, discussed and spoken shortly, easily and simply, then it will be short, simple and without deep meaning. But, if it is tried to be understood widely and deeply, thus the problem and the language must have more meaning and touch the soul .........more
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